Sunday, August 24, 2008


Newsletter - Coming!

Mean while here is a taste:-

A letter from Rinpoche

Dear Sangha,

It is with great pleasure I am writing this inaugural message for the Ripa Newsletter. I believe this is an absolute necessary and effective tool to update our Sangha on the vision, aspiration and Project of the Ripa-masters and lineage. This will also help bring Sangha Mandala closer and stay connected. A sense of where we “belong”.
As this newsletter is coming out at a time when we are embarking on our most ambitious project yet in Europe, the Ripa Europe Centre or REC. It is important to me to see that you take part with delight and joy. This is a gift to be cherished in the depth of our heart and to share it with future generations.
Now I would like to share a small story from my childhood days with my grandma: One day there was a visitor from faraway bringing with him lots of gifts for her (she received visitors daily during the morning hours). As soon as the visitor left she would give away the gifts to all those who were in need. When some of the younger members of the family showed their disappointment, she said, “If one gives with joy, then our heart will expand, no matter how small the material gift, you will always experience a greater joy in your heart. Giving in such way will always make you richer and not poorer.”
Later that very day another visitor arrived with even more gifts. This experience made a lasting impact in my life and made me believe in the “joy of giving”. Her whole life has been a living example of giving with joy.
So please give generously to the REC and give it with joy. I would like to say thanks to all those who believed in this project and are already engaged in whatever way they can.
Finally I wish the team behind the Ripa Newsletter and the reader all the success and happiness. A gracious ending of year 2008. And looking forward to a great and a new beginning of the year 2009.

With love and blessings
Yours in the Dharma

Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoch

Our Goals:-

Fundraise 2.5million euros

Buy Centre

Ecologically Restore/Prepare Land:-

First Stage - Ensure basic needs for community
Shelter - make habitable, Energy - connect to grid for lighting, communication etc , Water - basic plumbing, Transport, Food, Community Outreach

Second Stage and ongoing - Install full ameneties. Sustainable options (ecologically and economically sustainable) could include Living machines - Grey/Black Water Treatment Reed Bed Aquaculture, Compost Toilets, Solar Water Heating, Solar Power - Inc. Wind Turbine/Hydro Electricity, Forest Garden, Community Outreach - Ongoing.

Third Stage and ongoing -Build major and minor buildings
Temple, Stupa, Hermitages, Community Outreach etc

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