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Fundraising Events:-

Following is an event proposal from Carlos and Ursula and the Theatre Tangente Vardar:-

Dear friends in the dharma ! Lachaussée, the 15th of November 2008

We are Carlo and Ursula from the French Sangha , the theatre group from Lachaussée in France.
Some of you might have seen our shadow theatre play “The life of Siddartha” at the winter retreat 2007 in Corps, or at the Gesar –festival at Detchen Chöling.

We also have played this performance with a lot of success for one month at the famous theatre festival of Avignon and a lot of other occasions (school sessions, theatre programs ….)
Each time we are very surprised, how much the public - children and adults, Buddhists and Non –Buddhists -get involved and fascinated by the play.

“The life of Siddartha” is born with the advice of our master Jigme Rinpoche and we would like to propose it for the fundraising of the European centre as we mentioned this already in Corps

With the project of Camprodon, fundraising becomes more actual than ever, more real, and also more urgent. It needs a lot of money, and unfortunately not everybody of us has a little heritage on his banc.
So we want to insist on the fact, that the organizing of this performance, means not only spreading the Dharma to people, who would not otherwise come in touch with it easily, but at the same time, it could be a good medium to get money for the Europeans Ripa Centre, the project of our heart,

This is our proposition: If we find engagements to play the performance,( schools, theatres, festivals, churches…) the half of the benefit will be for the centre, the other half for our theatre company, because this is our work and we have to live from this.
For example: 3 performances are sold for 2000€ each, so this will be 6000€.
May –be there will be costs of 500€ (voyage, publicity etc..) so there will be left 2750€ for the company and 2750 for the center.

On the other hand, at the same time, it can be possible, to organize an more important event around the performance. As we are already at the place, we could play for free and for example, you can try to associate famous artists to contribute with a small intervention and to propose a cold buffet with oriental speciality after the performance etc. This actually means, that people from the Sangha has to get more involved, which will increase both, spiritual merit and material benefit!
So with a good publicity and preparation, if you have 200 spectators who pay (for to say something) 50€, with expenses of 1.500 € there will be a benefit of 8.500 €.
With 300 spectators the benefit can climb up to 13.000€ and with 500 spectators even to 22.000 €.
If we arrive to organise events in 6 different metropoles of our United European Sangha Land (U.E.S.L.)
we will arrive nearly at 100 000 €….which is not so bad for the beginning.
As the performance shows the benefit of dharma, in an event -evening , you might even meet people, who would like to give even more important amounts for the project.
The Spanish Sangha is working on such a tour for spring 09 and an event in the Tibet -house in Barcelona.

Attention: We will be in Orissa the 15th of Dec to the 3rd of Febr 2009, so if possible, contact us before !
Uniting all our efforts, under the guidance and with the blessings of our masters, we will make the impossible, possible.
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