Sunday, August 24, 2008


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The Fundraising Information Pack is almost here. It will have leaflets and posters about the Ripa European Centre, as well as information on the Ripa lineage and Sanghas. Particularly it will show ways to raise funds through different events, and be complete with the necessary donation forms.

Organising Fundraising Events
Organising Fundraising Events

To Download Leaflets: to be completed
European Centre
Sponsor a Monk
Programme of Humanitarian Action

Fundraising Resources
Applying for Grants - the process
Loanstock - What is It?
Sample loanstock certificate

Education about the options for sustainability to be updated
Sustainable Building Video
Education on self-sufficient buildings

Funding Information Resources

Grant Domain GrantDomain's databases contain the most genuinely useful information available on government, foundation and corporate funding sources. Subscribers receive access to all three databases at far less cost than other services charge for databases covering only one kind of funding

If you hear about grant funding that may be appropriate please contact the webmaker/grants co-ordinator at thank you.

Banks and Credit Unions for Loans:- -
Triodos Bank is a European ethical bank which specialises in lending to community based projects without conventional forms of security (though they would still prefer to be the main lender with a first charge of up to 70%). They look for groups of supporters and friends who can act as guarantors. Each person pledges to pay a fixed sum in the event of the co-op collapsing, and place 10% of the sum on deposit with the bank. Contact Triodos at Brunel House, 11 The Promenade, Bristol BS8 3NN 0117 973 9339

Charities Aid Foundation
Excellent resources for charities including free donation banking services:-

Ashoka Credit Union - Ashoka Credit Union is a community development lender that has provided financing to the centers and organizations of Shambhala, Naropa, Vajradhatu, Nalanda, and to their members, students, families, employees, and friends in these wide-based meditation-inspired communities.
Loan base-rates range from 5.5% to 10.5%, depending on credit and income history, collateral, and terms for repayment. We love to work with you to create the loan you need!

Volunteer Database To Be Completed

For a full list of Padma Ling's Associations please go to the Contacts Page, Thank you. ContactWebPerson: