Sunday, August 24, 2008

Applying for Grants - The Process

Below is an example description of what grant providers would need - it is actually the real process for The Gere Foundation; the business plan should cover most of these needs and is currently in the process of completion:-

'The Gere Foundation supports health, humanitarian and educational projects worldwide. General grants are given specifically in the areas of Tibetan health, education and cultural preservation, and AIDS care and research.

We are not able to fund individuals, capital campaigns, for-profit organizations, or film projects.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals or materials. If you have been invited by the Gere Foundation to submit a proposal, the following information must be included:

Application Cover Sheet (PDF file)
Organization Information:
Please provide 501(c)(3) verification, information on past projects, previous grants, and brief qualifications of involved personnel
Program Information:
Please provide a statement of proposed project
Describe activities and timeline for requested support
Outline program phases from beginning to end
Provide evidence of the need and value of your program
Describe how your short-term objectives relate to your long-term vision
Illustrate the geographic area and population to be served
Decribe how you would like the Gere Foundation to measure your success
Financial Information:
Provide funding plan/cash flow for project; identify key sources of support and indicate whether funds are received or pending
Provide current organizational and project operating budget
Include prior year's financial statement, preferably audited
If your Organization received a grant from the Gere Foundation in previous years, a final report must precede or accompany the new letter of inquiry or proposal renewal
Please do not submit a proposal until invited by the Gere Foundation. A mailing address for proposal submission will be given at time of invitation.

What sort of projects might attract a grant in France?

There are a few different types of project for which you may be able to obtain financial help in France. It is important to remember, however, that schemes may only apply to certain areas or be viable at certain times, therefore the suggestions made here can only be a guide to the type of help that may be available. Projects which may attract financial support include the following:
1. Home-improvement grants, usually for older properties.2. Purchase of and renovations to property to turn it into gîtes.3. Buying or renovating a property for business purposes.4. Renovation of properties in eco friendly forms, e.g. solar heating installation etc.5. Renovation of listed buildings, historical monuments or architecturally important buildings.6. Property purchased in areas ear marked by the government as in need of in need of regeneration.7. Purchase of agricultural properties for farming purposes.8. Property bought to provide rental accommodation for clients on welfare benefits.
Property grants - how do you apply in France?There are several different bodies that are responsible for the various grants for different purposes. The first port of call should probably be your local Mairie or the Préfecture, where you will be able to obtain information specific to your area. Other than that, you will need to contact the relevant organisation directly to discuss the possibilities for your specific project.

There are also grants available for properties of major historical or architectural interest through the préfecture. 40% of works